The Great ALDO Redemption

by Natalie


Three weeks ago I sent the president of Aldo a rather long letter detailing the unfortunate experience I had with a pair of Aldo boots. A week after the letter was mailed to the Montreal headquarters, I received an email from the director of the Customer Contact Center.

She wanted to talk.

We spoke on the phone yesterday, during which time she expressed her regret at the [previous] lack of customer service, and her desire to restore my trust and loyalty in their brand. I was prepared for this, and told her that a new pair of boots should suffice. I do not believe that my experience with the boot was indicitive of the overall quality of Aldo’s products, but the exception instead of the rule.

I like Aldo shoes. It’s what prompted me to write the letter in the first place. I want to be able to buy their shoes again, and with a $150.00 credit, I soon will. But more than that, I am now satisfied that they stand behind their product, even if it takes sending a letter to the president to make them do so.