What I Want Every Girl to Know

by Natalie

No boy should ever make you cry. But if one does, know that you are crying because you care, and caring is the heart of your femininity. Guard your heart, but don’t lose your ability to care.

Don’t give in to the ways of the world; you were made for a greater purpose.

Don’t cheapen yourself for the thrill of the moment. Demand respect, because you deserve it. Don’t settle for anything less.

It’s OK to let a man hold open the door but agree to split the bill at dinner.

Don’t assume you aren’t worth the best, because you were made in a perfect image. Respect and love your body. It’s the only one you’ve got. Your biggest “flaws” are most likely only visible to you. Don’t point out what you dislike about yourself to others. It’s very likely they don’t see you that way.

Challenge yourself to walk past a mirror and not glance at your reflection. Don’t wear so much makeup. Remember that you are a soul, you have a body. The true light and essence of an individual always shines through.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself, and be true to you. Respect whatever decisions you make. Please no one else against your own moral code. You’re the one you have to wake up and be with everyday, and you want to like her.

Gossip is like poison. Don’t give it to your friends, and don’t take it.

Never do something against your values for a boy. Ever. If he is asking you to do something you are not OK with he does NOT love you.

Cherish your friendships.

Get outside. Get off Facebook. Stop comparing your life to the one everyone else leads online and go out and live it.

Befriend an old person. They’ve lived longer. They’re wiser.

Your parents managed to clothe, feed, and shelter you. Give them some credit.

Smile to a stranger, and always hold the door for others.

Do not look down on those whose jobs you would consider beneath you. No one is beneath you, and you are above no one. Do not mistake fortunate life circumstances for your own greatness. Remain humble.


Do not be afraid to dream, and do not listen to those who say no. Surround yourself with positive people; they will end up influencing your thinking.

Read the news. You live in this world, you should know what goes on in it.

Pick up a hobby that’s just for you. You’re never too old to learn something new.

Walk and get fresh air every day. Take your headphones out and let your thoughts wander. Do not be afraid to be by yourself, without any distractions. No music, no phone. Your brain needs peace and quiet to think and process. You’ll be amazed at what ideas come your way.

Buy flowers for yourself.

Be patient with those who don’t understand you; a time will come when you are in their situation.

Be modest. The male mind was designed to be sparked by a little intrigue. Others will respect you when they can see you respect yourself.

Work out. Your body was made to sweat.

Eat chocolate. It tastes good.

Tell the people you love that you love them openly and often. No one ever tires of hearing that they are loved.

Realize that no boy can fulfill all of your desires, and that the perfect one does not exist. He will be flawed, as you are. Learn to love people despite their flaws.

Do not ever wait around on a boy. Your time is valuable, and you have a life to live.

You will never be happy with someone else until you are happy with yourself. Do what makes you happy.

Challenge yourself. It’s the only way you’ll ever grow.

Paint your toes. Painted toes are pretty.

Eat fruit.

Never be ashamed of who you were made to be. You’re the only one of you this world will ever see. What you have to say is important, because it’s you who is saying it.

Don’t be afraid to tell someone no, or to set boundaries with those who make you uncomfortable.

Sing in the rain, run barefoot through the grass, take time to marvel at the beauty in nature.

When you do look in the mirror, smile.

Don’t try to look sexy. Beauty is worth ten of sexy everyday.

Hold your head high and greet the world with confidence. This is your world, your time, your now or never.

Go out there and show em’ what you’ve got.